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Luxury Rims: Lexani Ekko

Posted Jan-24-20 at 11:38 AM By Dww

Lexani wheels are designed with quality craftsmanship and elegant aesthetic. Check out the new Lexani Ekko, a stylish custom wheel that pairs well with today's luxury cars.

The Ekko is a stylish wheel design for drivers who seek to enhance their vehicle's looks. One of the newest additions to the Lexani lineup, these premium wheels are styled with an exquisite twin-spoke design that blends classy aesthetic with sleek, modern flair to give your prized vehicle a refined look you can be proud of. Ekko wheels are part of Lexani's stainless sport series, meaning that they are optimized for performance. At present, these elegant custom wheels are available in sizes for 20-inch and 22-inch fitments, and in your choice of a bronze finish with black lip, gloss black with SS lip, or silver with SS lip. Simple and tasteful, Lexani Ekko luxury wheels are ideal for the discerning driver.

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  1. These wheels look great. I have them in black

    Comment by Joe | Jan-24-20 @ 11:54 AM

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