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Classic Wheels: Ultra 521 Octane

Posted Jan-21-20 at 9:51 AM By Dww

Ultra wheels are designed with passion for adrenaline and performance. Styled with retro flair, 521 Octane wheels bring the spirit of the 60s and 70s to life on your vehicle.

The Ultra 521 Octane is a custom aftermarket wheel with precise craftsmanship and classic looks for the true enthusiast. These lightweight 15-inch wheels harken back to the glory days of muscle cars and hot rods with robust muscle styling and a striking, polished finish. Ultra Wheels has a history as a manufacturer of durable, high-performance rims for motorsports and tuner applications, and the 521 Octane has long been a staple of their lineup. Tastefully classy and well-built, Ultra 521 Octane classic custom wheels are the perfect complement for muscle cars and lowrider pickup trucks.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse has great prices on stylish aftermarket wheels for classic and modern vehicles. Call today, and our wheel experts can assist you in getting the custom wheels you seek for your ride.

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