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All Terrain Tires: Radar Renegade R/T Plus

Posted Jan-20-20 at 9:55 AM By Dww

Radar tires are designed with state-of-the art tire technologies to serve the driving needs of current and future generations. The Radar Renegade R/T Plus boasts aggressive traction for the adventurous spirit while retaining the on-road stability of all-terrain tires.

Renegade R/T Plus tires are part of the growing "rugged-terrain" subcategory of all-terrain tires offered by multiple tire manufacturers. While designed with all-terrain versatility, the R/T Plus is designed to offer the extreme gripping power of a true mud tire. This is accomplished through typical mud-terrain tread characteristics such as wide, aggressive tread blocks, multi-angled sipes and grooves, sidewall biting lugs,and stepped block edges. This allows Renegade R/T Plus tires to grip all sorts of rugged surfaces and overcome extreme obstacles that would challenge a standard all-terrain tire. But while the tread pattern may resemble a mud tire's tread, the tread elements are also precisely tuned in shape and size to reduce ride noise on paved surfaces. The wide tread blocks that excel at digging into mud and climbing over rock are also optimized for stability and long, uniform wear when driving on the street. This ensures that Renegade providing today's 4x4 truck and SUV owners with on-road stability.

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