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Beadlock Wheels: RBP 50R Cobra

Posted Jan-17-20 at 9:32 AM By Dww

Rolling Big Power is committed to producing the best custom aftermarket wheels for off-road use. Check out the RBP 50R Cobra, a beadlock wheel for the hardcore offroad enthusiast.

The RBP 50R Cobra is a true beadlock wheel from Rolling Big Power. Engineered with leading off-road technologies, these heavy-duty wheels are optimized for use with offroad tires as large as 42 inches for powering over dirt, mud, and gravel. Reinforced construction and a high-strength locking ring make the 50R Cobra ideal for enthusiasts aiming to conquer the harshest, most daunting terrains. These wheels are available in sizes ranging from 15-inch to 20-inch.

Unlike with most true beadlock wheels, Rolling Big Power indicates that the 50R Cobra is a DOT-compliant, "dual-purpose" wheel both for drivers simply looking to add off-road styling to their vehicle, as well as those who require true beadlocks for aired-down applications in extreme offroading. Sporting a black finish with bronze ring, these wheels deliver robust, gritty looks on today's UTVs and 4x4 light trucks. With off-road utility as well as fierce looks, 50R Cobra off-road wheels are a solid choice for the adventurous spirit.

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we offer the best discount prices on custom aftermarket wheels for street, highway, or off-road applications. We recommend calling us to confirm availability of your desired wheel in your vehicle's size, bolt pattern, and offset requirements.

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