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Sport Truck Tires: Lionhart LH-Eight

Posted Jan-16-20 at 9:55 AM By Dww

Lionhart tires are designed for high performance and affordability. The Lionhart LH-Eight tire is optimized for handling response and ride comfort on today's pickup trucks and SUVs.

The Lionhart LH-Eight is an all-season performance truck tire designed for high speed handling even in wet, rainy conditions. Sporting a directional all-season tread pattern, these tires are optimized for water evacuation and hydroplaning resistance in order to enhance wet traction capabilities. The tread also incorporates tie-bar elements between shoulder blocks that improve cornering grip, while a solid center rib improves tread-to-road contact and on-center performance. Internally, the LH-Eight tire incorporates dual nylon cap construction technologies that protect its structural integrity at high speeds, making for a longer lasting tire overall. Other internal construction technologies also improve tread rigidity while retaining some cushioning, enhancing driver feedback while also improving passenger comfort. Available at affordable prices, Lionhart LH-Eight tires are great for passenger fitments on performance-tuned pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse offers great prices on Lionhart LH-Eight tires and other high value, high-performance tires for your truck, crossover, or SUV. Our tire experts can assist in recommending the right tires for your needs, so call us today!

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