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Custom Wheels: Helo HE900

Posted Jan-08-20 at 8:47 AM By Dww

Helo wheels are affordable, long-lasting, and pleasing to the eye. Sporting sleek yet gritty looks, the Helo HE900 custom wheel is a great choice for sprucing up your vehicle's looks.

The Helo HE900 is a custom wheel designed for today's pickup trucks and SUVs. This wheel features slim split-spoke styling that delivers a distinctly modern appearance, with bead styling along the lip flange for a touch of industrial flair. Using state-of-the-art wheel manufacturing techniques, the HE900 is built for durability and endurance to carry your robust vehicle down the road in style. This wheel is currently available in 17-inch to 20-inch sizes, and in a full gloss black finish or black with machined face. As shown above, the latter option offers sleek, eyecatching flair that subtly draws in attention without outshining your trusty hauler's looks. Sleek, sturdy, and economically priced, HE900 wheels are great for the proud truck owner.

At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we offer great discount prices on custom aftermarket wheels for trucks and SUVs as well as passenger cars.

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