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Winter Tires: Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2

Posted Jan-07-20 at 8:59 AM By Dww

Michelin utilizes premium tire technologies to produce top-grade tires with unparalleled quality. Engineered for excellence, Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2 tires are designed to perform even in treacherous winter conditions.

The Latitude Alpin LA2 is a winter performance tire designed for today's crossover vehicles and SUVs. A remarkable tire in the Michelin lineup, this tire incorporates the high-tech Helio Compound 3G formula in its tread, which uses silica-based rubber technologies to ensure flexibility in low, frigid temperatures, enhancing stopping grip and steering response. The Latitude Alpin LA2 is densely packed with interlocking sipes on every part of its tread, ensuring grip on soft or packed snow while handling firmly on cold, dry pavement. This tire is optimized for noise reduction and ride stability to provide drivers with a smoother, more comfortable driving experience. Thanks to precision engineering, the Latitude Alpin LA2 is optimized for tread-to-road contact during braking and cornering, not only enhancing driver control but improving treadwear life to last you through the winter.

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