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Off Road Wheels: Ultra 103 Xtreme

Posted Jan-03-20 at 8:09 AM By Dww

Ultra custom wheels are built with quality craftsmanship for a range of vehicles. Engineered for offroad performance, the Ultra 103 Xtreme is one of our top wheel picks for the hardcore offroad enthusiast.

The 103 Xtreme is a UTV beadlock wheel for owners of offroad buggys, Jeeps, and lifted 4x4 trucks, especially in aired-down applications. A staple of the Ultra Motorsports Xtreme series, these custom wheels are designed for power and offroad grit to conquer the harshest terrains. With reinforced construction to endure the grind of dirt, sand, and gravel, and true locking rings to firmly hold your heavy-duty offroad tires in place when aired down, 103 Xtreme wheels provide absolute utility for roaming the wilderness. We currently offer these tough, gritty UTV wheels in sizes varying from 15-inch to 17-inch, and in your choice of a black or machined finish. Please note that Ultra 103 Xtreme beadlock wheels are approved for off-road use only.

You can always find great prices on custom off-road wheels for your UTV, truck, or SUV, all right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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