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Winter Tires: Hankook i-Pike RW11

Posted Dec-20-19 at 9:46 AM By Dww

Hankook tires are designed with premium value. Today, let's take a look at the Hankook Winter i-Pike RW11, a winter light truck tire for rugged on-road/off-road performance and absolute safety in severe snow conditions.

The Hankook i-Pike RW11 is a winter light truck tire engineered for wet, snow, and ice traction on pickup trucks and SUVs this winter. A close look at this light truck tire's tread pattern provides several clues to its remarkable winter capabilities. Deep, moderately-wide directional grooves provide excellent aquaplaning resistance on wet or slushy roads by rapidly channeling water buildup away from the tire's footprint, keeping each tire firmly planted on the road for superior braking power. A circumferential center rib design improves centering and directional stability, helping you to maintain control in hazardous road conditions. The i-Pike RW11 features extremely dense siping on every part of its tread, providing the sheer grip to plow through snow and other soft surfaces, while also creating many more biting edges for a stronger hold on icy roads. Built for maximum winter utility, Hankook i-Pike RW11 light truck tires are a solid investment for drivers in regions with treacherous winters and extreme snowfalls.

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