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Off Road Tires: Radar Renegade R/T

Posted Dec-18-19 at 9:36 AM By Dww

Radar tires are designed first and foremost for utility. The Radar Renegade R/T light truck tire is designed to meet the demands of extreme off-road conditions without sacrificing on-road comfort.

The Radar Renegade R/T is a "rugged-terrain" light truck/SUV tire engineered with superior off-road capabilities over a standard all-terrain tire. With features such as aggressive shoulder lugs and stepped block edges, this mud-and-snow rated tire is designed to increase grip on all sorts of gritty, off-road surfaces, while robust 3-ply construction and stone-ejector technology offers great resistance against punctures or stone drilling. At the same time, this tire's tread pattern is precisely designed for optimal road contact to provide a smoother, quieter ride compared to a dedicated mud-terrain tire. Thanks to internal reinforcement and wide center tread blocks, the Renegade R/T delivers stable, confident handling on the highway and is optimized for long, even treadwear. Aggressive, highly capable, and durable, the Radar Renegade R/T is the ideal light truck tire for the serious off-roader, whether on pavement or dirt.

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