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All Terrain Tires: Toyo Open Country R/T

Posted Dec-09-19 at 10:00 AM By Dww

Toyo designs tires for a broad range of conditions. The Toyo Open Country R/T is a on-road/off-road light truck tire for drivers who require absolute traction and durability in extreme conditions.

One look at the tread says it all: The Open Country R/T tire is designed for outstanding levels of rugged all-terrain performance. Drawing cues from the Open Country M/T, the Toyo Open Country R/T boasts remarkable offroad grip thanks to an aggressive tread design that claws into loose surfaces like mud or snow, wide voids that easily release mud and debris as the tire rolls, and highly durable materials that shrug off the harsh grind of sand and rocks. Unlike its offroad-only cousin, however, the Open Country R/T retains a number of on-road tire characteristics for highway driving, including a variable-pitch pattern for reduced ride noise and contact-optimized tread blocks for a firm, stable on-road feel. The wide channels that excel at ejecting mud or stones from the tread also evacuate water, slush, and snow to guard against hydroplaning in rainy weather or winter conditions. Built with reinforced construction, the Toyo Open Country R/T tire offers impressive off-road dependability without sacrificing on-road capabilities for today's heavy-duty light truck and 4x4 owners.

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