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Commercial Tires: Radar Argonite RV-4S

Posted Nov-27-19 at 9:30 AM By Dww

Commercial Tires: Radar Argonite RV-4S

Heavy rainstorms and fickle winters are some of the biggest obstacles to keeping your business running smoothly throughout the year. Available at discount prices, Radar's Argonite RV-4S light commercial tires are designed to help keep your vans on the move in any weather, including rain or snow!

The Radar Argonite RV-4S is a all-weather commercial-grade tire designed for year-round traction and safety on light commercial vehicles, including small, medium, and full-size vans. Designed for business owners in need, this tire is internally reinforced to provide cargo vans with increased load capacity and stability on the highway. The Argonite RV-4S features an all-weather tread design that is optimized for aquaplane resistance and continuous traction on wet or slushy roads as well as biting grip on soft snow, providing today's commercial van drivers with safe, confident handling even in treacherously slippery conditions. This 3PMSF-rated tire incorporates a specialized tread compound that maintains traction and flexibility at cold winter temperatures, while also retaining stable grip on hot summer days to deliver true all-season performance. Available at excellent bargain prices, the Radar Argonite RV-4S is an great investment for business owners anticipating weather hazards and looking to minimize delays.

You can find a wide range of low-cost, high-value all-season tires for both consumer and commercial applications, all right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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