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Winter Tires: Michelin Latitude X-Ice XI2

Posted Nov-19-19 at 10:11 AM By Dww

Michelin tires are second to none in terms of quality and innovation. The Michelin Latitude X-Ice XI2 tire combines specialized winter technologies with ride optimization to keep today's CUV and SUV drivers safe throughout winter.

The Michelin Latitude X-Ice XI2 is a studless winter SUV tire engineered for confident wet, snow, and ice handling. Available in passenger sizes, this tire is optimized for reduced tread noise and ride comfort on crossovers, light-duty pickups, and passenger SUVs. With open slots and a center circumferential groove design, this SUV tire demonstrates excellent hydroplane resistance on slippery winter roads. A close look at the tread reveals the secrets behind this tire's outstanding winter capababilities: Its "Cross Z Sipe" design combines densely-packed sipes with precise groove angles to increase directional grip on soft snow, while tiny "Micro-Pump" holes siphon off water to enhance braking response on slushy or ice-coated roads. The Latitude X-Ice Xi2 features a specialized tread compound that stays flexible and traction-capable at extremely low temperatures, while a wide, rectangular footprint ensures consistent tread-to-road contact during cornering. This also encourages uniform wear all around the tread for a longer-lasting tire. Optimized for use on today's CUVs and SUVs, the Michelin Latitude X-Ice XI2 tire makes an excellent investment in driver safety this winter.

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, you can always find great deals on high-quality winter SUV tires that excel on ice and snow. Speak to one of our tire experts over the phone today, and we can get you set up with the tires you need.

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