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All Terrain Tires: Toyo Open Country A/T II

Posted Nov-14-19 at 9:31 AM By Dww

Toyo designs a range of dependable tires for all manner of driving conditions. The Toyo Open Country A/T II is a tough, long-lasting tire for taking your pickup or 4x4 over any terrain.

The Toyo Open Country A/T II is an all-terrain light truck tire designed for sturdy performance, whether on the highway or heading into the wild. Built for durability, this tire incorporates a resilient tread compound that shrugs off cuts or chips from sharp offroad debris. Its aggressively shaped tread grooves and wavy sipes excel at digging into soft, unstable surfaces such as mud, loose dirt, or snow, allowing this tire to grip offroad surfaces more firmly. At the same time, the groove walls are precisely designed to discourage stones or other debris from getting lodged in the grooves, fending off damage from stone drilling and allowing continual traction on mud and snow. The tread is reinforced with tie bars between tread blocks, which encourages even treadwear for a longer-lasting tire. This also stabilizes tread-to-road contact and improves traction during dry braking. Reliable and versatile, the Toyo Open Country A/T II tire is a solid choice for the adventurous driver.

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