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Winter Performance Tires: Hankook Winter i-Cept Evo 2 W320

Posted Oct-21-19 at 11:21 AM By Dww

Tires come in a variety of designs for different driving needs, even among tires designed for winter use. Hankook's Winter i-Cept Evo 2 tire, for instance, is designed to enhance driving performance even in cold, wintry conditions. Designed for snow and ice traction, this studless winter tire is a premium choice for the enthusiast this winter.

High-performance driving need not be limited to the hot seasons of the year. The Winter i-Cept Evo 2 W320 is a winter performance passenger tire designed to maximize braking response and steering precision on wet or snowy road surfaces. Its premium silica compound is specially formulated to retain elasticity and road adhesion at cold temperatures, maintaining traction capabilities even in winter. Its unique, asymmetric pattern incorporates a "snow-pick" block design that digs securely into ice or snow. The center rib stabilizes straight-line performance while also providing circumferential channels that efficiently drain water and slush and prevent aquaplaning. Thanks to its wide, square shoulder blocks and reinforced bead construction, this tire offers excellent grip and stability during steering and cornering. The Winter i-Cept Evo 2 also features high-density siping on all parts of its tread to sharply increase biting snow grip, while locking together for increased stability on slippery roads.

You can always find great prices on high-grade winter passenger tires to carry your coupe or sedan through the snow this winter, all right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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