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Performance Tires: Lionhart LH-Ten

Posted Oct-11-19 at 8:09 AM By Dww

Lionhart tires are designed to meet and surpass the needs of the modern driver without going over budget. The LH-Ten tire is designed for exhilarating performance on crossovers, pickups, and SUVs!

The Lionhart LH-Ten is a sport truck tire optimized for crisp handling performance and year-round tread life for today's CUV and SUV owners. With its directional tread pattern and wide channels, this M&S-rated tire excels at dispersing slush or water away from the treads to resist aquaplaning on wet surfaces or light snow. Its wide contact patch and curved blocks enhance dry steering precision and input response, while rigid center blocks and specialized tread compounds stabilize the tread for a confident, on-center feel. Designed for driver confidence and ride comfort, the LH-Ten tire is great for truck and SUV enthusiasts in search of performance.

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we stock a wide range of affordable, high-utility tires for today's truck and performance applications. Our tire experts are available over the phone, and will be happy to assist you in obtaining the right tires for your budget and driving needs.

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