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Off Road Wheels: Fuel Menace

Posted Sep-20-19 at 10:52 AM By Dww

Fuel Off-Road is unmatched when it comes to designing stylish truck rims to spruce up your hauler. Check out the Fuel Menace, a custom offroad wheel with fierce, cutting-edge looks for today's trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs!

The Fuel Menace custom wheel is one of a kind in terms of sheer, aggressive looks and visual impact. From its thick, reinforced concave face to the robust lip rivets, this 17-inch rim is designed with commanding presence in highway and offroad applications. The crescent-shaped machined accents draw on battle-axe imagery for a look that crisply exudes raw power and precision. Added to the Fuel Off-Road lineup earlier this year, the Menace is built with absolute strength for vehicles that chew through mud and dirt or dominate the road. We currently offer this magnificent offroad wheel in an anthracite machined finish, or in matte black with machined double-dark tint for an extra-gritty look. Robust, intimidating, and stylish, the Fuel Menace offroad wheel is a great choice for any driver looking to customize their truck or 4x4.

You can always find great deals on custom offroad wheels with bold, stylish looks and rugged designs for your truck or SUV, all right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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