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Performance Tires: Lionhart LH-Eleven

Posted Sep-13-19 at 10:21 AM By Dww

Lionhart produces high-value tires with reliable handling capabilities at prices accessible to the everyday driver. The Lionhart LH-Eleven is an ultra-high performance tire designed to carry your vehicle through wet and dry conditions alike.

The Lionhart LH-Eleven is an ultra-high performance tire that promotes crisp handling and a stable ride in any season. Its unique asymmetric design incorporates wide channels and angled blocks that help to guard against hydroplaning on wet roads, while also increasing tread-to-road contact area for dry steering and cornering grip. The LH-Eleven is reinforced with a silica-enhanced compound that stabilizes the tread during braking and acceleration, reducing tread squirm and sharpening driver input response. Designed to perform, the LH-Eleven performance tire is an excellent bargain for today's drivers.

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, you can find high-value, high-performing tires for trucks, cars, and SUVs, all available at the best prices. Please call us if you are interested in obtaining a set of affordable, reliable tires such as the Lionhart LH-Eleven.

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