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Off Road Tires: Nexen Roadian MTX

Posted Sep-09-19 at 10:22 AM By Dww

Nexen tires incorporate the latest advances in tire technologies to provide the best in safety, value, and performance. Rugged and versatile, the Roadian MTX tire provides pickup and SUV owners with offroad capabilities on par with top-tier brands at more affordable prices.

The Nexen Roadian MTX is a mud-terrain light truck/SUV tire that performs solidly in both on-road and off-road applications. Available in both LT-metric and numeric sizes, this versatile tire features a reinforced 3-ply design that offers exceptional load-carrying capabilities for heavy hauling. Its aggressive claw-shaped lugs not only offer fierce looks for your vehicle, but excel at digging into mud or snow to boost offroad traction and braking on soft terrain. These tread elements are also carefully arranged into a pattern that minimizes road noise, offering a surprisingly quiet highway ride for a mud tire. Its wide voids efficiently release water and debris from the tread to maintain traction on wet roads or stretches of mud, while still putting a considerable amount of rubber in contact with the road for dry handling. Capable on mud, capable on the highway, the Nexen Roadian MTX mud tire goes great with today's trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs.

We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse offer a wide range of mud-terrain and all-terrain tires for today's truck and offroad applications, all at outstanding prices. Just give us a call, and we can help you find tires that fit your budget and driving needs.

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