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Performance Tires: Lexani LX-Thirty

Posted Aug-28-19 at 8:58 AM By Dww

Offering great performance for their value, Lexani tires make an excellent complement to Lexani luxury rims. The LX-Thirty UHP tire boasts outstanding high-speed handling capabilities for today's CUVs and SUVs.

The Lexani LX-Thirty is an ultra-high performance tire optimized for compatibility with SUVs and crossover vehicles. This tire incorporates advanced European design technology that sharply boosts wet and dry traction with angled blocks and directional lateral grooves, while its wide footprint enhances handling and steering response even at higher speeds. Built to carry the vehicle load of an SUV, the LX-Thirty is designed to stabilize ride quality and resist excess wear, providing drivers with smooth ride comfort and a longer-lasting tire overall. Capable in sunny and rainy weather alike, the Lexani LX-Thirty performance tire is a great bargain for today's CUV and SUV owners.

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