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Luxury Rims: Lexani Zagato

Posted Jun-20-19 at 9:21 AM By Dww

With state-of-the-art craftsmanship and elegant wheel artistry, Lexani custom luxury rims are a fine choice for the discerning driver. A set of Lexani Zagato custom rims are a great way to add a statement to your sports car or luxury sedan!

The Lexani Zagato is a no-lip luxury custom wheel that boldy commands the center of attention on the streets. With thunderbolt-shaped grooves and wide, curved spokes like a turbine's blades, this premium custom rim exudes a fierce aura of agility to match the power of today's performance-tuned cars. We currently offer the Zagato in sizes ranging from 20-inch to 26-inch, and in your choice of gloss black with machined grooves, machine face with black lip and grooves, full gloss black, or a full chrome finish, each of which offers its own exquisite flair to match your preferences. Robust and elegant, the Lexani Zagato is truly a custom wheel for the contemporary enthusiast.

We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse offer great deals on a wide range of high quality Lexani luxury custom rims with premium looks and designs for your prized coupe or sedan. Please call to confirm availability of your desired wheel in your choice of finish and vehicle fitment size.

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