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Aftermarket Rims: KMC KM685 District

Posted Jun-18-19 at 11:06 AM By Dww

KMC designs custom wheels with modern craftsmanship and stylish, trendy looks, all at affordable prices. Check out the KM685 District custom wheel, now available in a candy-red finish for today's cars, trucks, and SUVs!

The KMC KM685 District is a custom aftermarket wheel that both enthusiasts and first-time wheel buyers can enjoy. Styled with a classic five-spoke pattern, this stylish custom wheel is precisely designed for optimal street handling on your sports car or SUV while offering clean, modern looks. The new candy-red finish adds a touch of passion and allure to the District wheel design for a look that will make your vehicle the center of attention. We also offer this custom wheel in satin black, matte bronze, black with machined face, and silver with machined face to help you give your vehicle just the look you seek. The KM685 District is currently available in sizes for 18-inch to 22-inch fitments; however, please note that sizing availability may vary depending on your choice of finish.

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we offer the best prices on stylish, dependable custom wheels to help you spruce up your ride's looks. Our wheel experts are available over the phone, and will be happy to assist you in obtaining a set of custom aftermarket wheels to enhance your ride's looks.

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