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Summer Tires: Pirelli PZero Nero GT

Posted Jun-10-19 at 10:40 AM By Dww

As one of the longest-running tire manufacturers in the industry, Pirelli is dedicated to producing high-quality tires for today's sports and touring applications. Durable and capable, the PZero Nero GT tire offers impressive handling and mileage for performance enthusiasts this summer.

The Pirelli PZero Nero GT is a summer ultra-high performance tire designed for high-speed handling precision and long tread life on sports cars and mid-size sedans. Its distinct tread pattern features continuous ribs for consistent traction, while shallow claw-like notches assist in channeling water out from under the contact patch, ensuring responsive braking on both wet and dry roads. The curvature of these notches also helps to maximize cornering grip and lateral response during high-speed turns. Thanks to its durable materials and reinforced construction, the PZero Nero GT demonstrates excellent stability and wear resistance. With solid handling capabilities and long tread life, the Pirelli PZero Nero GT tire is a dependable choice for today's performance-tuned coupes and sedans.

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