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Aftermarket Rims: Niche Sector

Posted Jun-07-19 at 1:54 PM By Dww

Niche custom alloy wheels from MHT capture the latest in custom rim trends. The Niche Sector custom wheel features fierce, cutting-edge looks to complement today's coupes, hatchbacks, and sedans!

The Niche Sector is a custom wheel styled with sleek, distinctly contemporary aesthetic for today's drivers. Tuned for the streets, this stylish custom rim is designed with the latest advances in wheel-casting craftsmanship to ensure confident handling on your sports car or tuner sedan. Slender, gracefully arcing spokes taper out to meet the outer flange like blades, giving this wheel an agile look that exudes adrenaline and precision. We currently offer this stylish custom wheel in your choice of a matte black or anthracite finish. Fierce and streamlined, the Niche Sector custom wheel is sure to capture the hearts of the contemporary enthusiast.

You can always find great prices on new custom wheels and rims for today's sports cars and mid-size sedans, right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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