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HTR Wheels: Lyon Gloss Black

Posted May-31-19 at 9:18 AM By Dww

We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse aim to offer the very best in aftermarket wheel value with our High Tech Racing custom tuner rims. Check out our new H121 Lyon Gloss Black, a custom tuner wheel for today's compact and mid-size cars.

The HTR H121 Lyon Gloss Black custom wheel offers a sleek, modern look on any car with its intricate mesh styling and slender-yet-durable spoke construction. Balancing craftsmanship and exquisiteness, this custom tuner wheel is tuned for smooth performance on today's sports cars without breaking the bank. As with the Vigo style, the H121 Lyon has its spokes located precisely for optimal distribution of weight, but sporting seven spoke pairs instead of five to further increase structural stability and wheel durability during high performance driving. Available at an affordable price, the H121 Lyon Gloss Black custom wheel is a stylish choice for today's coupe and sedan owners.

With elegant looks and sleek handling, our High Tech Racing custom wheels are sure to satisfy for the modern driver. We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse remain committed to bringing you the best prices on custom aftermarket rims and wheels.

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