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HTR Wheels: Vigo Gloss Black

Posted May-30-19 at 9:18 AM By Dww

We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse would proudly like to announce the addition of four new rims to our exclusive HTR (High Tech Racing) custom aftermarket wheel lineup. Check out the HTR H120 Vigo Gloss Black, a stylish, affordable custom wheel for sports and tuner enthusiasts!

The H120 Vigo Gloss Black is an all-new High Tech Racing custom aftermarket rim for today's coupes and sedans. Styled with sleek, streamlined multi-spoke artistry, this custom tuner wheel offers a distinctly contemporary look that exudes both adrenaline and elegance. Its five pairs of light, slender spokes are optimized for structural stability and distribution of weight during driving, making for a durable custom rim that holds up well even at high speeds. Tuned for performance and exquisite looks at bargain prices, the HTR Vigo Gloss Black is an excellent custom aftermarket wheel for drivers looking to enhance the looks of their ride.

Affordable and well-built, High Tech Racing custom tuner rims represent our dedication to high value and low prices here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse. Please give us a call if you are interested in obtaining a set of HTR custom aftermarket rims, and our wheel experts will determine if your choice of wheel meets your vehicle's size and offset requirements.

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