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The Wheel and Tire Dictionary

Posted Sep-23-16 at 2:05 PM By Dww

Most probably you have been to a tire/wheel shop and heard the sales attendants use some words you don't really know the meaning of, now is the time to put meanings to those technical words often used by wheel/tire experts, below are the commonly used terms when it comes to tires and rims

Sidewall (Tire)- As the name suggests, the tire's side wall , this part of the tire contains a variety of information. The numbers and letters are important as they indicates performance standards and dimension of the tire.

Radial (Tire)- The "R" symbol stands for Radial, which indicates the tire has a radial construction

Thread Pattern (Tire)- The tire thread is that part of the tire (rubber) on its circumference that actually makes contact with the ground, the grooves in that part of the tire (thread) is regarded as the thread pattern  

UTQG (Tire)- It is an abbreviation for Uniform Tire Quality Grading system, this is a set of information developed by the government designed to reveal information about the tire such as threadwear, traction and also operating temperature resistance.

Tire Type- There are different tire types made for different vehicles, such as the tires with the indication "P" made for passenger cars,  the "LT" are for light truck or SUV, M/S refers to the tires designed for Mud and Snow.

Diameter(Wheel or Tire)- This tells you the size of the tire/wheel. It is mostly indicated in 'Inches'.

Aspect Ratio (Tire)- This refers to the dimensional relationship of the section height to the section width. The aspect ratio is directly proportional to the sidewall (the lower the aspect ratio, the shorter the sidewall)

Hub (Wheel)- This is the central part of the wheel., this is that part into which the spokes are inserted.

Offset (Wheel)- The Offset of a wheel, often measured in millimeters, refers to the distance between the centerline of the wheel and its hub mounting surface.

Load Rating (Tire) - This corresponds to the maximum load carrying capacity of a tire.

Speed Rating (Tire)- This indicates  the maximum speed capability of a tire, rated from A-Z, it increases with each ascending alphabet. These are determined by indoor laboratory testing methods

Plus Sizing (Wheel)- This is the act of replacing the stock wheels that came originally with a vehicle with one of a larger diameter (Size)

Bolt Pattern (Wheel)- Usually comprised of 2 (two) numbers, indicating how many bolt holes are on the wheel and also the distance between these holes.

Width(Wheel)- Wheel sizes are defined as diameter X width, e.g. "17x7.5" , 17 in that context refers to the diameter, while 7.5 is the width of the wheel.

O.E (original equipment)- With wheels and tire, O.E refers to the original/ stock wheels or tire a vehicle came with, aftermarket wheels are replacements that  actually fit, these are wheels that replaces the O.E when plus sizing.

DOT Tire ID Number- This is a safety code that indicates tire compliance with all safety standards laid down by the U.S. Department of transportation.

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