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Performance Tires: Milestar StreetSteel

Posted Apr-29-19 at 10:54 AM By Dww

Milestar tires are designed and produced with utmost passion for auto heritage. Sporting a retro performance design that harkens back to the muscle car era, the StreetSteel tire offers excellent performance and value for today's enthusiasts.

The Milestar StreetSteel is an all-season performance tire engineered for crisp performance and fitment on classic and modern cars alike. Its tread pattern incorporates many contemporary innovations that improve handling in various conditions, including angled shoulders for cornering grip and steering response, wide channels for hydroplane resistance, and an all-season compound that delivers traction in both hot and cold seasons. This tire is styled with a checkered sidewall design and white sidewall lettering for a retro look that not only complements classic muscle cars, but also looks great on today's cars and passenger trucks. Optimized for smooth ride stability and long mileage, the StreetSteel tire offers excellent value for the passionate driver!

We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse are proud to offer high-quality, high-value performance tires for today's drivers, all at great prices. Call us today, and we can assist in finding the right tire for your needs.

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