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Aftermarket Rims: Ultra 236 Apocalypse

Posted Apr-24-19 at 9:29 AM By Dww

With modern styling and solid designs, Ultra custom rims are built to complement today's pickups, Jeeps, and SUVs at a reasonable price. The 236 Apocalypse custom truck wheel is now available in a gloss black milled finish for 2019!

The Ultra 236 Apocalypse is a well-built custom truck wheel that offers a hardy, modern look on today's light trucks. With cleanly defined lines and reinforced pairs of thick, tapering spokes, this aftermarket wheel is a great match for any pickup or SUV rolling down the highway. In addition to its original satin bronze finish, the 236 Apocalypse is now also available in gloss black for a deep, matured look. Both finish options feature milled accents along the inside of each spoke pair, subtly accentuating this wheel's sturdy architecture. Available in 18-inch and 20-inch fitments, the Ultra 236 Apocalypse truck wheel is a solid choice for your trusty hauler!

You can always find great deals on a wide range of custom truck rims to adorn today's pickups and SUVs, all right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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