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All-Season Tires: Nexen NFera RU5

Posted Apr-23-19 at 10:22 AM By Dww

Nexen tires are designed for excellent utility at an affordable price. Tough and highly dependable, the NFera RU5 all-season SUV tire delivers solid performance on wet, dry or snowy roads alike!

The Nexen NFera RU5 is an all-season SUV touring tire that provides SUVs and crossover vehicles with responsive handling and ride stability in any weather condition. With a pattern of dense, wavy grooves and sipes, this asymmetric highway tire boasts excellent water channeling for wet grip and numerous biting edges for crisp winter traction, while also maintaining tread rigidity to deliver optimal dry braking grip. The NFera RU5 is innovatively constructed to maximize durability and handling stability while also providing a smooth, quiet ride. Its reinforced shoulder design promotes even stress distribution and solid cornering grip for high-speed turns. Optimized for long mileage and year-round capabilities, the Nexen NFera RU5 tire is an excellent investment in safety and handling for today's CUV, truck, and SUV owners.

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we offer high-quality all-season tires to keep you on the road in sun, rain, or snow, all available at affordable prices. Please call us if you are interested in obtaining a set of durable, affordable highway tires such as the Nexen NFera RU5.

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