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Luxury Rims: Lexani Fiorano

Posted Apr-17-19 at 10:14 AM By Dww

Known for state-of-the-art wheel craftsmanship, Lexani is committed to producing custom luxury rims that are exquisite in both looks and design. Today, let's take a look at the Lexani Fiorano, a sleek, well-built custom wheel to complement today's high-end coupes, hatchbacks, and sedans!

The Lexani Fiorano is a premium custom wheel styled with tasteful elegance and contemporary flair for the discerning driver. This five-spoke luxury wheel blends subtle concave geometry and refined technique to ensure crisp, lasting looks on any car. Part of Lexani's "Stainless Sport" series, this custom rim is engineered for precision and class on today's high-end coupes and sedans. The Fiorano is available in one of three high-quality finishes, including full gloss black, chrome lip with milled grooves, or chrome lip with machined face, each of which offers its own distinct luster. Fine-tuned at each stage of production, the Lexani Fiorano luxury wheel is a solid choice for personalizing your sports coupe or luxury sedan.

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