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Aftermarket Rims: Helo HE911

Posted Mar-25-19 at 9:58 AM By Dww

Today's drivers can always count on Helo Wheels for eyecatching, high-quality aftermarket rims at affordable prices. Today, we'd like to recommend the Helo HE911, a stylish custom wheel that looks great on any compact or sedan!

A new wheel option for 2019, the Helo HE911 wheel features a sleek twin-spoke design for drivers seeking to enhance the look and feel of their vehicles. With five pairs of straight, slender spokes that subtly extend just over the lip, this well-built alloy rim adds a touch of streamlined aesthetic to today's entry-level compacts and mid-size sedans. Available in 16-inch to 20-inch size fitments, the HE911 comes in a silver machined finish for a clean, contemporary look, or in chrome to give your car an exquisite luster. Simple yet elegant, the Helo HE911 is an excellent custom wheel for the value-conscious driver.

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, you can find a wide range of stylish, high-value custom wheels to customize your compact car or sedan, all available at excellent prices. Please call to confirm availability of your desired wheel in your car's size and fitment requirements.

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