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All Season Tires: Nexen NFera AU7

Posted Mar-15-19 at 11:48 AM By Dww

Nexen tires are designed with exceptional innovation for their value. If you seek high-quality performance tires at an affordable price, the NFera AU7 tire delivers excellent high-speed, all-season performance on today's sports and luxury cars!

The Nexen NFera AU7 is an ultra-high performance all-season tire that provides today's performance-tuned cars with high-speed handling capabilities on wet and dry roads alike. With ample tire-to-road contact and wide water-drainage grooves, this high-value tire demonstrates crisp wet traction and reduced braking distance to perform well even in rainy conditions, while also offering firm grip for responsive dry steering. The NFera AU7 balances tread stability with sidewall profile height to provide drivers with confident feedback as well as smooth ride quality. Its asymmetric design incorporates resilient tread composition and all-weather siping for a tire that functions well throughout the year. Designed for comfort and performance, the Nexen NFera AU7 is an excellent bargain for owners of high-performance coupes ane sedans.

We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse offer a broad selection of high-value, high-performance tires for today's enthusiasts, all available at excellent prices. Please call us if you are interested in a set of affordable, all-season UHP tires such as the Nexen NFera AU7.


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