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Off Road Wheels: RBP 66R HK-5

Posted Mar-13-19 at 10:35 AM By Dww

Custom truck rims from Rolling Big Power are engineered for strength while providing hot, trendy looks. Stylish and distinctly contemporary, the RBP 66R HK-5 offroad custom wheel is a prime choice for the passionate driver!

The RBP HK-5 is a well-built custom offroad wheel that proudly boasts solid craftsmanship and crisp, revolutionary aesthetic. With robust spokes and streamlined curves, this deep-dish truck rim offers a fierce, agile look on today's stock and lifted trucks. Engineered for power, durability, and speed, the HK-5 is built to master highways and offroad terrains alike. We currently offer this 20-inch offroad wheel in chrome, full black, or in black with machined accents. As shown above, the latter finish option particularly highlights the HK-5's contemporary spiraled styling and sleek architecture, giving your ride a touch of aerodynamic flair. With sturdiness and eyecatching looks, the RBP 66R HK-5 wheel is a magnificent choice for your truck, Jeep, or SUV.

You can find great deals on stylish, well-built custom wheels for today's truck and offroad enthusiasts, right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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