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Luxury Rims: Dub S231 Dazr Gloss Black Milled

Posted Mar-12-19 at 9:21 AM By Dww

Dub Wheels from MHT offer the hottest, trendiest rim styles on the market today. If you seek a one-of-a-kind look for your ride, then take a look at the new S231 Dazr Gloss Black Milled, a supremely stylish custom wheel for today's trucks and SUVs!

The Dub S231 Dazr is a bold, stylish aftermarket rim with unique, cutting-edge aesthetic for today's enthusiasts. Built with refined craftsmanship, this 26-inch deep-dish custom wheel boasts a striking look for your hardy truck or Jeep that seizes attention and enthralls the imagination. A gloss black milled finish complements the S231 Dazr's robust design well, offering a deep, matured flair with crisp accents that highlight its prismatic radial symmetry. Styled with revolutionary artistry, the Dub S231 Dazr Gloss Black Milled is a premium choice of custom wheel for any pickup, crossover, or SUV on the road today!

We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse offer great deals on the latest custom wheel styles from Dub and other leading wheel brands to trick out today's cars and trucks. Please call to confirm availability of your desired wheel in your vehicle's fitment requirements.

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