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All-Season Tires: Lionhart LH-503

Posted Feb-26-19 at 9:17 AM By Dww

The Lionhart LH-503 is an all-season high performance tire that emulates the Lionhart dedication to quality and value. Available at an affordable price, this advanced tire is innovatively designed for precise, stable handling at any time of the year!

The Lionhart LH-503 performance tire is optimized for smooth ride quality and high-speed performance in any season. This high-value tire features a directional tread pattern that excels at channeling water out from the contact patch, fending off the risk of hydroplaning and maintaining traction on wet roads. Featuring a tread compound that functions well year-round, the LH-503 is built with strong internal construction to ensure consistent tread-to-road grip, firm driving stability, and uniform wear, granting this all-season tire more mileage for a performance tire. Affordable and versatile, the Lionhart LH-503 tire makes a great investment for today's coupe and sedan drivers!

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