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Passenger Tires: Lexani LXTR-103

Posted Feb-19-19 at 9:16 AM By Dww

Lexani value tires are designed to perform smoothly and reliably for drivers on a budget. Available at an excellent price, the LXTR-103 tire offers year-round utility and a smooth, stable ride for day-to-day driving.

The Lexani LXTR-103 is an affordable passenger tire designed to provide superb ride quality, stable handling, and long tread life on today's cars and CUVs. This high-value touring tire is engineered for road noise cancellation and increased sidewall height to reduce shocks and vibrations, allowing drivers to enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride. Its treads are designed to resist hydroplaning for enhanced wet handling, while also maintaining longitudinal stability to promote uniform wear and improve straight-line performance. Incorporating an abrasion-resistant tread compound, the LXTR-103 passenger tire offers excellent mileage for its value, making it a great investment for the average driver.

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