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Highway Tires: Radar Rivera GT-10

Posted Feb-14-19 at 9:10 AM By Dww

Engineered with environmental conscientiousness, Radar's high-value tires are made to answer the modern driver's needs. The Rivera GT10 is an LT/SUV highway tire designed to enhance all-season handling and ride quality throughout the year!

The Radar Rivera GT10 is an all-season touring tire that adapts the capabilities of passenger touring tires for today's pickups and SUVs. Its symmetric rib pattern is ideal for guarding against hydroplaning, as well as providing the straight-line stability that a light truck needs. Its specially shaped tread blocks feature slanted lateral grooving and siping to mantain grip on roads coated with mud or snow. This highway tire incorporates a special tread compound that maintains traction capabilities in cold temperatures while resisting excessive wear and tear during hot seasons. Optimized for long, even wear and consistent traction in any season, the Rivera GT10 is a dependable, affordable LT/SUV tire for year-round use.

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