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Winter Tires: Toyo Observe G3-Ice

Posted Feb-11-19 at 10:11 AM By Dww

No matter the road, no matter the weather, Toyo Tires has your back covered. Available at an affordable price, the Observe G3-Ice tire is engineered for severe winter handling on today's cars, trucks, and SUVs!

The Toyo Observe G3-Ice is a studdable winter tire that provides excellent snow and ice traction to keep drivers safe in harsh winters. Available in both passenger and light truck sizes, this tire boasts heavily siped treads and jagged shoulder block edges that clamp down on snow or ice for enhanced winter grip and braking response. Thanks to its high silica content, the G3-Ice's treads retain their flexibility and wet grip capabilities at frigid temperatures. For the most extreme of winter conditions, this tire may be optionally fitted with TSMI #11 studs to prevent sliding on treacherous, ice-slicked roads. Please consult your state laws regarding use of studded winter tires before using the Toyo Observe G3-Ice tire with studs.

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we stock a broad range of winter and all-season tires to keep you safe on the road during this chilly season. Our tire experts will be happy to assist you over the phone in finding the right tire for your driving needs.

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