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HTR Wheels: Turin Gloss Black

Posted Feb-05-19 at 9:05 AM By Dww

Good morning, and welcome to another day of High Tech Racing custom wheels! Today, we'll be taking a look at the Turin Gloss Black, a custom mesh wheel optimized for elegance and stability. Available at an excellent price, this stylish aftermarket rim is an sleek, eyecatching choice for the contemporary driver!

The HTR Turin Gloss Black is a refined custom wheel with an intricate mesh design for an elegant look on today's coupes and sedans. Today's mesh rim designs combine slender aesthetic with modern architectural engineering. Much like multispoke rims, a mesh rim design distributes wheel stress among its numerous spokes for enhanced stability. With optimized spoke angles and placement, the Turin Gloss Black is always supported by more than one spoke as it spins, boasting surprising longevity despite its deceptively delicate appearance. Thanks to the spin-forging techinques used in HTR rims, this 17-inch wheel features slim, narrow spokes without sacrificing durability, making for a light, strong custom rim overall.

Stylish, well-built, and affordable, our new High Tech Racing custom tuner rims offer excellent value for today's drivers. Just give us a call, we at Discounted Wheel Warehouse will be happy to assist you with your wheel-related needs.

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