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HTR Wheels: Kiev Hyper Silver

Posted Feb-01-19 at 10:48 AM By Dww

True to their name, our all-new High Tech Racing custom tuner wheels are designed with the latest innovations in wheel manufacturing. Engineered with cutting-edge Spin Forging technologies, the Kiev Hyper Silver custom wheel exhibits lightweight, durable construction for today's enthusiasts!

The HTR Kiev Hyper Silver is an aftermarket tuner rim engineered with light, sturdy construction for optimal performance on today's sports cars and mid-size sedans. Like all of our HTR wheels, this 17-inch custom wheel is produced using advanced spin-forging techniques, also known as flow-forming or rotary-forging.

During spin forging, an aluminum alloy wheel is cast and spun at high speeds. As the wheel spins, the barrel is heated and pressurized, stretching and compressing the alloy and strengthening it. This innovative manufacturing method creates a resilient wheel that has higher impact resistance and load tolerance than a typical cast wheel, yet also requires less alloy mass to achieve this superior tensile strength. As a result, a spin-forged wheel such as the Kiev Hyper Silver is both lightweight and strong, giving it ideal properties for high performance.

You can find spin-forged High Tech Racing custom tuner rims with quality construction right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, all available at excellent prices.

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