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HTR Wheels: Genoa Gloss Black Machine

Posted Jan-30-19 at 9:29 AM By Dww

The lighter a wheel is, the more conducive it is to driving performance. Our new HTR aftermarket rims are engineered for reduced wheel mass while maintaining optimal architectural strength. Sleek and refined, the Genoa Gloss Black Machine is a lightweight, durable custom wheel for today's sports cars and tuner vehicles!

With its slender, modern architecture, the HTR Genoa Gloss Black Machine is a custom tuner rim that exhibits lighweight wheel construction without sacrificing structural satability. Produced with advanced flow-forming technologies, the Genoa Gloss Black Machine is as light as 16 to 17 lbs for 17-inch sizes, and 18 to 19 lbs for 18-inch sizes, making it ideal for today's high-performance enthusiasts.

A reduction in wheel mass can improve driving performance far more than reducing vehicle mass in other areas. This is because most of your car is "sprung" weight supported by its suspension system, so the engine has to overcome less of the car's inertia when accelerating, steering, or braking. On the other hand, since the wheels and tires aren't supported by the suspensions, they are "unsprung" weight and have a much greater impact on driving performance.

We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse are committed to providing affordable, high-quality custom rims for today's drivers. With over a decade of wheel and tire experience, we are well-versed in the characteristics of a high-quality wheel, and seek to provide the very best in high-value tuner wheels. Pick up a set of High Tech Racing custom rims today, all available at excellent prices!

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