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HTR Wheels: Genoa Gloss Black

Posted Jan-29-19 at 11:31 AM By Dww


Welcome back to another day of High Tech Racing (HTR) custom rims at Discounted Wheel Warehouse! Today, we'll be taking a look at the HTR Genoa Gloss Black. Sleek and distinctly contemporary, the Genoa Gloss Black is an affordable, well-built custom tuner wheel for today's performance coupes and sedans!

The HTR Genoa Gloss Black wheel offers a refined, mature look for today's cars with its split multispoke pattern and high-quality finish. The paired spoke arms on this flow-formed wheel smoothly branch out from hub to flange like girders, slim yet strong. Tthe Genoa Gloss Black custom rim boasts slender, contemporary architecture that lends itself to lightweight, highly durable construction for a boost to performance. We currently offer this custom tuner rim in 17x8 with a 35mm offset, 17x8 with a 42mm offset, and 18x8 with a 35mm offset. Please note your vehicle's size and offset requirements if you are interested in the Genoa Gloss Black wheel for your coupe, sedan, or cabriolet!

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we are committed to answering the needs of the contemporary driver. Optimized for today's performance-oriented cars, HTR custom wheels unite aesthetic appeal and quality construction at an excellent price. Call us today!

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