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Highway Tires: Milestar MS597 SteelPro

Posted Jan-18-19 at 10:38 AM By Dww

Milestar tires offer great utility for both commercial and consumer applications. The MS597 SteelPro light truck tire epitomizes the Milestar commitment to quality design and performance capabilities. Dependable and strong, this commercial-grade highway tire offers all-season versatility, wear resistance, and long tread life for today's heavy-duty light trucks and mid-size vans!

The Milestar MS597 SteelPro is a commercial light truck tire that provides today's professional light trucks and haulers with all-weather traction and extended tread mileage. This all-season highway tire delivers crisp dry handling, while also maintaining secure traction and stability in wet or snowy conditions. Built with high-quality tread compounds and 3-ply sidewall construction, the MS597 resists wear and tear in order to safely transport cargo loads throughout the year. Optimized for uniform wear and long tread life, this sturdy commercial tire boasts exceptional durability to keep your truck on the road for as long as possible!

Here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we offer a wide range of affordable truck tires for both personal and commercial applications, all available at excellent prices. Our wheel and tire experts are always available during business hours, and will be happy to find the right tire for your needs.

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