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Winter Tires: Nexen Winguard Sport 2

Posted Dec-17-18 at 9:31 AM By Dww

Nexen value tires are designed to rival the capabilities of premium tires for a fraction of the price. The Winguard Sport 2 is a winter performance tire that offers safe, responsive handling on snowy and icy roads!

The Nexen Winguard Sport 2 tire is designed for ice and snow driving on today's cars, trucks, and SUVs. This tire incorporates a high-silica winter tread compound that remains soft and pliable at freezing temperatures. An extensive pattern of wavy and textured siping helps to bite securely into snow while also offering traction on ice. The directional tread pattern excels at channeling rainwater or slush out from the tire footprint, while thick shoulder blocks enhance lateral stability on snowy or dry roads. All in all, the Winguard Sport 2 is an innovative, dependable winter tire for today's cars and SUVs this winter!

You can find a wide selection of affordable winter tires right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse for all your ice and snow driving needs, all available at excellent prices.

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