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Winter Tires: Hankook Winter i-Pike RS W419

Posted Dec-13-18 at 12:49 PM By Dww

Committed to providing a premimum driving experience, Hankook designs high-value tires for any time of the year. If you're currently in search of a set of winter tires to keep you safe, the Winter i-Pike W419 tire is engineered for ice, slush, and snow performance on today's cars, trucks, and SUVs!

The Hanook Winter i-Pike W419 is a winter performance tire designed for responsive handling on ice and snow without sacrificing wet and dry capabilities. This optionally studdable winter tire features fine, wavy siping and specialized L-shaped tread blocks that sink well into snow and ice, while still providing considerably tread contact for lateral grip on wet and dry roads. Taking cues from the Siberian Husky's paw, the center tread elements feature a textured surface and alternating 3D grooves for crisp traction and shorter braking distance on ice-slicked roads. Tapering tread voids assist in water channeling to guard against hydroplaning in slush or rain, maintaing safety in wet conditions. Designed with innovation, the Winter i-Pike W419 is a fine winter performance tire for its value!

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