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All-Season Tires: Milestar MS70 A/S

Posted Dec-07-18 at 11:45 AM By Dww

Milestar tires offer great utility for today's drivers at an excellent price. Ideal for day-to-day city driving, the MS70 A/S value passenger tire is designed to provide a safe, controlled drive throughout the year!

The Milestar MS70 A/S is an all-season touring tire that offers ride comfort and consistent handling in wet, dry, or light snow conditions. Its tall profile cushions vibrations and shocks from the road, making for a smoother, more pleasant ride. The MS70 A/S is carefully designed to stabilize straight-line driving, while also enhance lateral grip for improved steering. Angled siping and grooves synergize with wide channels to improve water drainage, guarding against hydroplaning on wet roads. These sipes also help to provide grip on light snow, keeping you safe on otherwise hazardous roads. This value tire incorporates a tread compound that remains flexible in cold temperatures, yet remains durable in warm weather, allowing it to function year-round.

You can find a wide selection of value tires for all-season and winter performance here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse, all available at bargain prices. Just give us a call!

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