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All Season Tires: Radar Dimax AS-8

Posted Nov-16-18 at 10:42 AM By Dww

Earlier this year, we examined Radar's flagship summer performance tire, the Dimax R8+. With winter almost upon us, its all-season counterpart, the Dimax AS-8, is not to be overlooked. Drawing inspiration from the R8+, the Radar Dimax AS-8 tire boasts high-speed capabilities, long treadlife, and stable handling in any season!

The Dimax AS-8 is an all-season touring tire designed for all-season traction and stable performance on today's sports cars and SUVs. Its asymmetric tread pattern provides optimal road contact for confident dry traction and straight-line stability at high speeds, while also featuring wide grooves for consistent wet grip and extensive lateral siping for traction on slush or snow. Its moderate profile offers a decent balance between cornering grip and shock absorption for comfortable, responsive steering. This tire's pattern and resilient tread compound encourage the treads to wear evenly to provide longer mileage. Engineered for driver confidence, the Radar Dimax AS-8 is a solid, reliable tire for driving year-round!

We at Discounted Wheel Warehouse offer Radar performance value tires for all-season or summer applications, all available at excellent prices. Our tire experts are happy to assist you over the phone, and can help narrow down the right tire for you.

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