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Touring Tires: Nexen NPriz AH5

Posted Nov-05-18 at 9:48 AM By Dww

Nexen Tire has served the tire industry with high-value products for decades. Today, we'd like to recommend the NPriz AH5, a high-value touring tire innovatively designed for year-round performance and a comfortable ride on your coupe or sedan!

The Nexen NPriz AH5 passenger tire is designed for driving comfort and a balance of wet and dry handling on cars and SUVs. This symmetrical tire boasts four wide, longitudinal grooves that help to drain water and prevent hydroplaning on wet roads. Dense, subtly curved sipes on the shoulders and tread ribs help to provide traction on slippery roads and light snow. The narrow grooves and partial slitting on the center rib help to maintain tread block stiffness for driving stability and improve the tire's milleage. Its shoulder blocks are built sturdily to increase cornering grip for more responsive steering, while also eliminating road noise and vibrations for a quieter, smoother ride. Available at an excellent price, the Nexen NPriz AH5 touring tire is a reliable choice for a comfortable, lesiurely drive.

You can find the NPriz AH5 and other high-quality, high-value Nexen tires, right here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

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