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Aftermarket Rims: Fuel D567 Lethal

Posted May-21-18 at 12:33 PM By Dww

The Fuel D567 Lethal features a distinct spoke design resembling an eight-point star or a compass rose. This rim's silvery milled accents highlight the outer and inner edges of each matte black spoke, accentuating the star's points for a fierce touch.

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All Season Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

Posted May-18-18 at 11:38 AM By Dww

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ provides excellent wet and dry grip. The specially designed treads also resist freezing and enhance grip on snow and ice. With great dry, wet, and snow performance, the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ is a trustworthy tire year-round.

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Aftermarket Rims: Mach ME4

Posted May-17-18 at 2:08 PM By Dww

Featuring sleek, concave designs carefully crafted in aluminum, Mach aftermarket rims add a modern, trendy touch to any car's appearance. The Mach ME4 features an artful split spoke pattern with five pairs of parallel spokes for a simple yet stylish look.

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Off-Road Tires: RBP Repulsor M/T

Posted May-14-18 at 12:19 PM By Dww

If you're in the market for a set of light truck tires for an off-road drive, check out the Repulsor M/T by RBP Tires. With its specially designed treads and reinforced sidewalls, the Repulsor M/T tire is a solid, sturdy choice for off road enthusiasts. This tire is built to deliver excellent traction and solid performance in all manner of off-road terrains and weather conditions, whether they be dirt, mud, gravel, rain, or snow. Its tough sidewalls make the Repulsor M/T a strong, durable investment for any off-road venture, whether for work or a weekend adventure.

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Lizetti LZ-Three Tires

Posted May-11-18 at 10:56 AM By Dww

Lizettiā€™s LZ-Three tires feature specialized treads which provide reliable, year-round traction in both hot and cold weather. These all-season tires offer stable handling and increase driver safety. Order your all-season Lizetti tires today at

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After SEMA, Comes The Magic

Posted Dec-29-16 at 3:46 PM By Dww

There's no better time to get a set of new set of aftermarket custom wheels than just after SEMA SEMA show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. Usually, it attracts the industry's brightest, most innovative minds , the latest and hottest products to one place.

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Temperature and Tire Inflation Pressure

Posted Dec-10-16 at 9:09 AM By Dww

It is an established tire fact that the air pressure in a tire expands in a hot season and it contracts when the temperature drops. It is also important to note that the recommended tire pressure for a vehicle, as advised by the tire manufacturer, is based on cold inflation pressure.

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Hot Deals? You should check our Closeouts and Specials!

Posted Nov-02-16 at 1:15 PM By Dww

Since we stock a great amount of wheels in order to adequately meet our consumer demands and in the fastest time possible, we always have the best prices and thus bringing you amazing closeouts and special deals.

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Your Tire Pressure Is Important Too

Posted Oct-22-16 at 1:14 PM By Dww

A vehicle's Tire Pressure is a measure of the amount of air trapped in its tires. It is measured in pounds per square inch. A Tire pressure can be checked using a simple pressure gauge and it is advised that it is checked at least monthly, if not more frequently.

One major duty of a tire is to carry the weight of a vehicle, properly, and having the right tire pressure to do this is an important safety measure.

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Summer, Winter or All Season Tires?

Posted Oct-12-16 at 1:58 PM By Dww

Not until lately, purchasing tires was based on a single criteria, the Brand. But with the emergence of new and advanced technology on the market and with the breakthrough strides made in research and development, drivers now have a wider option and criteria to choose from.

This has now prompted the common question: What is the best tire for my vehicle?..

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When there's a Bubble...

Posted Oct-07-16 at 11:27 AM By Dww

Ever notice a bulge (bubble) on the sidewall of a tire? It is often regarded as a sidewall bubble, it is usually caused by air leaking from the inside of the tire into the body of the tire thereby causing a protruding bulge.

Often times, sidewall bubbles are caused by impact damage. When a tire hits a sharp object on the road, the force from both the weight and...

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Are You A Daily Driver? Your Best Option!

Posted Oct-04-16 at 2:33 PM By Dww

For a daily driver, performance is a key factor in choosing what tires is suitable for your vehicle.

For a daily driver, a suitable tire would be a tire that balances perfectly between being an all-season tire and a high-performance tire. Higher grip and much more livelier handling are important factor for tires to be driven on every day.

The ability to do it all, with both dry and wet grip (due to frantic change in weather condition), with low rolling resistance...

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With Tires, How old is too old?

Posted Sep-29-16 at 12:21 PM By Dww

Many drivers are usually confronted with these questions..."at what point are my tires due for change?"; "how old is too old when it comes to tires"? "do tires actually expire?"

Popular car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and Nissan advises drivers to always replace tires six (6) years after their production date (kindly note this is not the date of purchase) regardless of the tire's tread life. Tire makers differ a little bit with this advise as ...

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Tires and Fuel Efficiency

Posted Sep-28-16 at 1:19 PM By Dww

One of the many factors that improves fuel efficiency is a low resistant tire. Tires specially designed to lower rolling resistance contributes to fuel efficiency if properly inflated and maintained. Consumers have been turning to low-rolling-resistance tires to save gas. With the latest improvement in the Tire-technology, the latest tires are designed and developed to deliver top fuel efficiency and performance.

When in the market for tires, you should focus on tires with ...

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The Wheel and Tire Dictionary

Posted Sep-23-16 at 2:05 PM By Dww

Most probably you have been to a tire/wheel shop and heard the sales attendants use some words you don't really know the meaning, now is the time to put you out of misery, below are the commonly used terms when it comes to tires of rims...

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Size Matters

Posted Sep-22-16 at 2:04 PM By Dww

When it comes to wheels or tires, size is one of the most important factors to consider. Basically, the first item on the check list when shopping for tire or wheels should be size. Larger wheel sizes often gives a vehicle a more aggressive stance and a much greater stage presence, which is why most wheel buyers go for a much larger size than what the stock size is and this is fast becoming a popular trend in the world of wheels and tire.

There are important factors to take into consideration when going for a much larger wheel, safety is one key note and ....

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With Tires, does Cheap necessarily indicate lesser quality?

Posted Sep-21-16 at 3:33 PM By Dww

With the emergence and influx of newer brands in the tire industry, pricing has become an important factor to consider. It is a popular notion that tires of lesser prices are probably of lesser quality.

This notion has eaten deep into the consumer's perspective, but it is mostly false. Arguably, there are some tires of lesser quality, short timed warranty, smaller speed rating or even load rating. But pricing is not necessarily a determining factor in assessing a tire's durability.

Over the years, only a few brands ruled the affairs of tires....

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Tires and Market Prices

Posted Sep-20-16 at 3:21 PM By Dww

It is safe to say that the market prices of tires has inclined as the years go by. 5years ago, a decent steer tire sold for an average of $200, but not anymore. Long term pricing trends reveals that the cost of raw materials used in tire manufacturing is the sole cause of this steady increase in price.

Although, tires are much more efficient today than what it used to be, breakthroughs in new technology has helped improved tire production, the research and development cost factored in tire production have well paid off. Consumers now get way more benefits for their money spent.

The good news is...

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Wheels and Cost Implication

Posted Sep-17-16 at 1:29 PM By Dww

One major factor to consider when buying custom/aftermarket wheels is the cost implication. Over the years, potential buyers have shied away from the overly complex and expensive wheels and settled towards the less costly, simpler steel wheels.

People are often looking for great designs and finishes in wheels but are always cautious that it fits the intended budget.

The wide spread of forged wheels have been limited by cost, while manufacturers have seen increase in demand for concave and European designs.

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Core Tire Details: Speed Rating

Posted Sep-15-16 at 4:36 PM By Dww

The Tire speed rating, usually depicted by an alphabet from A to Z, ranging from 3mph going up to 186mph, indicates the optimal speed a tire can safely maintain over time. Each letter corresponds to a specific speed. Just like the tire load rating, higher speed rating depicts better control and even better handling at higher speeds.

Usually, it is located on the side wall of the tire, also many tire manufacturers now include the speed symbol in the tire size description.

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